Soon enough, on this page you will find freebies like iPad and iPhone wallpapers…and maybe even desktop backgrounds. Maybe even some for Android…hahaha…uh huh.

Here are some quick tips for fellow chalk slingers all over…

Chalk – Not all stick chalk is created equal. My current favorite is Prang Hygieia. It’s smooth and very white…and cheap. This tip came from another chalk artist…he was right. Nice stuff.

Paint – I’ve been very happy with Benjamin Moore brand chalkboard paint. The secret is to NOT buy the premixed ‘black’, but the tintable type and have them color it black for you. The guys at Benjamin Moore will think you’re nuts, but persevere and then show them the difference. My guys said…huh, you learn something every day. The BM ‘black’ is much too gray once you season it by mashing some chalk in there. But if you start with black, it looks exactly like slate to me.

I spray that with a cheap automotive paint sprayer from Harbor Freight for a nice clean finish. Two coats of that, and you’ve got a lovely surface.