Hair Salon Chalkboard Wall – Let Em Have It Salon – Denver, CO

Posted on Jul 1st, 2015 in Chalk, Concept, Installation, salon, Signage

Denver’s ‘Let Em Have It’ Salon wanted to refresh the wall that greets customers from behind the reception counter. Together, we worked to create a chalkboard wall to announce both events and specials.

I worked up some design ideas on paper that played off of the inspiration for their name…a World War II US poster that urged the Navy to well, ‘Let Em Have It’…as well as the overall style of the salon. Their style is a little industrial, but with a living greenery wall, along with other touches like original art. A cool and eclectic mix, for sure.

The old wall was prepped by sanding it down to remove bumps and texture…then re-coated with my favorite surface…Benjamin Moore chalkboard base tinted black. BTW- Don’t let them tell you that their premixed black is actually black…it’s a dark gray. They may look at you funny when you ask them to mix this up, but will be surprised by the outcome.

The design was then finished up and ‘installed’ on-site.

chalklatier - Let em have it salon - final_02


chalklatier - Let em have it salon - Final_03


2015-06-27 18.56.23


chalklatier - Let em have it salon - Concept_01





  1. Reply
    samantha stoltz

    I am looking for a chalk board sign for my new barber shop, i was wondering how to go about this, I am looking for a 2ft x 3 or 4 ft sign , or what would be considered standard poster size with 15-20 categories. I saw your sign on pintrest its a bit elaborate for my salon but i do love the style just need it a bit more simplified if thats possible as well?!
    Thank you
    Samantha Stoltz
    if you would like to call me my phone number is 262-343-1286

  2. Reply
    Ruben Marrero

    Interested in getting a sign for our barbershop menu from your team !


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