Retail Large-Format Chalk Design – Colorado Wellness

Posted on Jun 8th, 2015 in Chalk, Installation

Last fall, I completed the design and installation of this wall at Colorado Wellness, one of Denver’s most high-end dispensaries.

This wall was about 18 feet long and 8 feet high – really massive. The design was worked out ahead of time and approved by the staff at CW. The branding at this dispensary emphasizes the medical nature of marijuana as opposed to its recreation, so they like to bring to mind things like apothecary and old pharmacy imagery. Black and white chalk and constructed lettering fits into their very nicely.

On site, laser levels were used to give perfectly straight main lines and lots of tools were improvised, like aluminum wire and pins for big compasses. This design is so big that I didn’t have a camera that could take a photo of it all at once! Lots of fun and great outcome.

Chalklatier_dot_com_Colorado Wellness - 01

Colorado Wellness Display Wall – Final Art 01

Chalklatier_dot_com_Colorado Wellness - 02

Colorado Wellness Display Wall – Final Art 02


Chalklatier_dot_com_Colorado Wellness - 04

Colorado Wellness Display Wall – Design Concept

Chalklatier_dot_com_Colorado Wellness - 03

Colorado Wellness Display Wall – In Progress



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