Tip for Benjamin Moore Chalkpaint. 

Posted on Jun 1st, 2015 in Technique

I’ve been really liking the final finish of the Benjamin Moore brand chalk paint. It’s easily found at any place that stocks BM paints. It’s a bit more expensive than other brands…ok, a a lot more…but properly applied, it feels just like real slate to me…which is my dream.

It comes in two varieties, tintable base, and ‘black’. The only issue is that the black is very gray! Frankly, it mimics the look of real slate very well. But people don’t really want that…they want a black, or a really deep gray.

So, opt for getting them to mix up some black from the tintable base as opposed to the black. If you like a more natural slate, then go for the black. I think most chalk artists will like th surface a lot.

I’ll be experimenting with spraying the stuff soon, as I am not thrilled by the texture I’ve gotten using a fine foam roller. I really dislike textured boards, so I’m working to eliminate that.



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